Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center
5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia
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Excellent location; friendly service; clean; have stayed there before and will stay there again
The front desk staff did not have my room and offered a conference room with only a sofa bed, which I took. However, they wanted to charge an outrageous amount for a terrible night's rest and I was quite upset. The front desk staff played that game of 'I'm powerless to change rates.' Empower your employees or get out of the hospitality business.
Good bar. I lelt my swim suit there by accident. I sent them an email when I got home, but by the time they got back to me it was gone!
The room was generally clean but the bedside table on which the telephone was placed was sticky and gooey, as was also the telephone. There was a coffeepot , coffee , sugar, creamer and cups, but no stirrers or spoons The light on one of the bedside tables was not working. When all this was reported, immediate attention was given to each, but it still did not leave me with a good impression of how rooms are prepared for guests. The service, food, and conference arrangements were good.
rooms not ready at check in Ran out of food at buffet
There is not enough parking convenient to the 'retreat' building. The room was very comfortable , but we had to wait an extra two hours for it to be cleaned. It should have been ready at 3, but wasn't ready until 5:15. We had to give them our cell phone number to reach us when it was ready. I think they need more employees so this would not happen. Also, VERY important--We have friends who were booked FOR A YEAR in ADVANCE, who, when they arrived on Thursday, March 10th, found that they didn't have a room. They were then told to go to the Holiday Inn for that night (which they did). There were other 'tales of woe', and we wish that WASCA , the dance organizer, would switch to another hotel, because the Mark has not fulfilled the contract.They also goofed when they didn't order enough food for Friday night. MANY people were left without dinner because the workers opened the buffet early ( at least 1/2 hour), and our people who came down 1/2 hour after it was supposed to open found that they had closed service! Your people should have sent out for more food!