The Kensington Park Hotel
The Kensington Park Hotel
450 Post Street, San Francisco, California
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The location was conveniently close to all the places we needed to reach, but the numerous high buildings in the area kept our navigation device from functioning, as it couldn't find the necessary satellites. The bathroom was unusually elegant and beautiful, but fewer amenities than I've sometimes encountered were provided (soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion were there, but no cotton swabs, cotton balls, or mouthwash). We encountered difficulty when the lock and key cards didn't coincide, but a friendly and enthusiastic bell hop rendered speedy and efficient service (the concierge desk and main desk were somewhat less cooperative). Advice: request that your car be brought to you by the valet at least twenty minutes before you need it, as the staff is serious when they tell you that it will take this long.