Renaissance Montura Los Angeles
Renaissance Montura Los Angeles
9620 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, California
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It was great because I had to be at the airport on Sunday. You need a car in LA and this hotel was easy to find, clean and had a great buffet breakfast.
Great location, pleasant service
This hotel was very convenient to the airport. This hotel only had 2 double beds, when we told them that we had 3 in our party. The room was nice, but a little small. The breakfast was quite good. Parking was outrageous ($20 a night!). Were not given the 'rack room rate' - there was much confusion about how to treat travel agents.
Very nice hotel. Staff helpful & cordial
We stayed on a $99 deal which made it totally worth it. Please be aware that Expedia Travel offers a package for $40 more that includes the breakfast buffet; the buffet costs less than $40 so it's cheaper to just buy it separately.
The Renaissance Hotel and was a very nice hotel. The staff was very helpful and nice. The room I stayed in was very nice and comfortable. The location of the hotel to the LAX airport was very convenient.
Much nicer than any other place in the area. I wish they wouldn't charge for parking though.