The Ahwahnee
The Ahwahnee
1 Ahwahnee Road, Yosemite Natl Pk, California
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We were placed in a bungalow, built 80 years ago. The location was pleasant and very scenic. Wildlife roamed between the bungalows in the evenings (deer and black bears). The rooms were small and placed near other rooms. We could hear our neighbors' conversations, as their bathroom was one thin door away from our bedroom. The foundation had settled and some doors didn't close completely. One negative point about our stay: many of the staff, especially in the shops and restaurant seemed to be overworked and resentful of the visitors (gruff, some to the point of surly). It seemed to be an 'us vs. them' attitude, as though the place belongs to them and the tourists destroy their serenity. I must say though that housekeeping and valet parking people were quite friendly and pleasant. Overall, a very nice stay, but with limited supply and high demand (book in advance as early as possible), the place was very overpriced. In my opinion, the best time to visit the park is in early fall (September, October). All of the roads are usually open (Tioga Pass and Glacier Point), the tourist load is lighter, and the trees are changing colors (especially in later October). However, don't expect services (shops, rangers) or overnight camping in the late season, as they shut down the roads on short notice (for the season) with the first major storm.
Expensive, but beautiful setting. Staff were tourist weary.
-Beautiful location with a monopoly. -Price was high, but we enjoyed it as a 1 in 5 year vacation. -Staff was overexposed to tourists. Many, especially in dining and stores, showed some contempt. --- The valets and housekeeping staff were always very friendly and pleasant. -Cottage needed major repair (doors didn't close, neighbors voices came through doors)