Disney's Old Key West Resort
Disney's Old Key West Resort
1510 North Cove Road, Off Buena Vista Drive; PO Box 10000, Orlando, Florida
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As a member of the Disney Vacation Club, this is the best value for the money. Would not be able to stay in the type of accommodations we stay in with the vacation club if we were paying the regular room rates. Staying on Disney property is the only way to go when visiting Disney parks.
The stay was good, everything was as expected including the service.
This was probably our 20th visit to Disney's Old Key West Resort. We love the quiet, easy going, laid back atmosphere; the immaculate condition of the property; the since of privacy; the courtesy of the staff; and even the deportment of the other guests. They really mean it when they say, 'Welcome home' as you drive onto the property. We have tried some of the other DIsney resorts and prefer Old Key West's luxury apartment layout to the more hotel like atmosphere of the other resorts. NOTE: as vacation club members the cost of the room is essentially a meaningless question to us.