Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
900 Cayman Way, Off Buena Vista Drive, Orlando, Florida
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Stay was hectic. All inclusive except for meals. Wasn't too impressed with security at the resort itself. My advice would be to keep your eyes open and your valuables at hand.
Bathroom was small. No separate dressing area. Had to unplug lamp to plug in coffee pot & plug was not easy to reach. Bed was comfortable & room was quiet
The size of the room is good, but the table and chairs are hard to utilize as one gets blasted by the air conditioning and the chairs are not very comfortable for sitting, lights over bed are controlled by one switch and intenet connection is also at that same night stand. The bus transportation left a lot to be desired - some guest had to wait more than an hour for a bus to their location, and several buses refused to load me and my electric cart so I was waiting for approx. 2 hours to get on a bus to my destination even though there was room on the first few busses that came for that location. This was not the case with the other Disney Hotels we stayed in and we have been very disappointed with Disney's response or lack of response to our reporting of the incident both at the time via phone at the bus stop and by email after returning home. My advice to other tourists is to chose a resort location that offers more than one form of transportation so that you can get around better.
It was okay. The room was adequte for sleeping, which is all I did in the room and at the resort location. Otherwise, I was at the park. Transportation to and from the park was okay - no big deal. This would be an okay place for most anyone - be sure to arrive early in the evening as your bags might not be there for five or six hours - like mine. That way, you can go to the park or go do something instead of just sitting around your room sleeping in your clothes because they say your bags will get there in one or two hours. And, be sure to allow plenty of time to check out if you're using the airline check-in at the resort. It was a great feature, but the line was very long - still, it didn't make me late for my flight or anything.
We have stayed at this hotel for all of our past 17 trips and will be staying there again for our upcoming 18th. We love it's theme and spaciousness! The buses are sometimes crowded, but they do come fairly often. If you're on the main bridge you can even see the fireworks at Epcot!
Absolutely loved every minute of my stay there, everything was above average.
For the low price, this hotel was exceptional. I would recommend it to any family. My children loved it, the staff were so friendly, there was so much to do.