Courtyard by Marriott San Francisco Downtown
Courtyard by Marriott San Francisco Downtown
299 Second Street, San Francisco, California
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This hotel was great, unfortunately the city was not. The only problem we had is that the hotel thought we were checking out the day before we actually were - they disturbed us several times about this.
Friendly staff, limited resturant selection nearby
It was a little out of the way, but very nice
Clean, comfortable, great location
It was a 'mid-range' hotel - generally I stay at more upscale hotels but Marriott sent an email for $$$ off on a stay and this hotel had a great rate for a suite and had been remodeled in the recent past, thus decided to stay. It was an OK hotel - the remodel was nominal - new bed, new carpet, new wallpaper, new furniture and TV's, and new bath. However, Marriott seemed sort of chintzy on some things and not on others - the bath was 'blah' but the bed and linens were great. The view was fine, but the room had a musty, old hotel smell, despite the remodel and cleanliness. But, for the price ($189 for a suite, free parking, and free breakfast) it was a steal in San Francisco - generally a hotel room at even a cheaper hotel can be $125-$200 and then one must pay parking as well (from $25-$70). So, overall, on a scale of 1-100, I would give the hotel an 85... Not bad, not great, but good.
Standard Courtyard - predictable and useful
I disliked the fact that even though I was a guset at the hotel I still had to pay for parking in their hotel. I also had a proble with them bumping my car.