Homestead Waltham Boston
Homestead Waltham Boston
52 Fourth Avenue, Waltham, Massachusetts
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nice hotel
Was just ok.
Suites are more than expected for the price. Very comfortable and clean - 2 TVs and refrigerator make travel down-time so much easier. Hotel is in a convenient location to commute into downtown Boston and all area attractions and has the advantage on FREE on-site parking.
The bed was amazingly comfortable. I liked that there was a TV in the bedroom and the living room. There was a cookie for each of us. It was really wonderful.
A lot of hotel for your dollar. Spacious suite that makes it easy to stay away and feel like you're at home.
Comfortable, well-furnished suite. Very comfortable mattress and bedding - most comfortable I have experienced in a long time. The Dream package we purchased was well worth the $149 per night price; the breakfast buffet that was included was excellent, with a wide variety of foods prepared with care. The restaurant dinner we had with other family members for a special occasion was very nice; quality of the food was very good and the staff was very accommodating. We are planning to repeat this family get-together at this Doubletree facility. The only downside to our stay was a strong chlorine odor apparently wafting to our room from the pool.
My family needed a place to stay that was close to the college I attend. Its location was very convenient and since it was right on the highway, getting to my school was very easy to do.