Comfort Suites
Comfort Suites
420 Riverboat Row, Newport, Kentucky
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Only improvement needed is the quantity and quality of the breakfast items.
There was construction going on around the hotel which hindered our ability to get around. Our room was nice with a biew of the river and downtown Cincinati. It was a long 5 or 6 blocks to the 'touristy' sites.
It was nice just a stay over night. Easy access.
We love staying at this hotel. It is always a good place to stay, but the trouble is that the free breakfest room is not big enough to support all the people eating. They have another room that they could open up but they wouldnt let anyone eat in there. Alot of people were sitting in the hall in a chair or on the couch and trying to eat, some were standing up. Next time we will just go down the street and eat. They have a gerat breakfest but it is to hard to eat on your lap.