Best Western St. Charles Inn
Best Western St. Charles Inn
1377 South Fifth Street, St. Charles, Missouri
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it was a fine stay
We chose the motel due to it's location. It was clean and in good condition. While there we experienced no problems.
The room was very nice, however, the hotel staff was not very welcoming and/or friendly. In addition, the room key would stop working every time we left the hotel and came back. Also, housekeeping did not come everyday and we had to request clean towels everyday we were there.
The hotel was great and very nice. The only problems we had were that the key would not work from one day to the next and we kept having to go get them re-programed at the desk. This ment we went to our room then had to go back to the desk then back to our room which was very inconvienant. The other thing was after we left they attempted to bill me for an extra night. However, once I called them they straighned it out quickly and refunded my credit card for the extra night.
Could not have been better pleased. Personnel met and exceeded my needs