Travelodge Suites Savannah Pooler
Travelodge Suites Savannah Pooler
130 Continental Boulevard, Pooler, Georgia
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This hotel like most others never honor the coupons which they put out in the travel coupon magazines. The rooms always have been 'already filled'. This was generally a very quiet location except for the first night there were several 'stompers' in the room above us.
I liked that we didn't have any problems except during the continental breakfast the juice machine was broken. It would have been nice to have some juice in the morning. Instead we had to go to the grocery store and pick up a bottle.
I thought the value was great. We stayed for only 3 nights because it was a quick trip.
was a real pleasure to stay. staff was helpful and friendly. breakfast was ok but liked some type of meat.
It was decent but nothing special. When we were in the pool the front staff kept watching us like we were doing something wrong. Also I didn't fell 100% secure when we were there. The morning we left there was a weird man just standing in the hallway by the stairs.