Hilton Garden Inn Savannah Airport
Hilton Garden Inn Savannah Airport
8 Clyde East Martin Drive, Savannah, Georgia
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The hotel had opened within the week of my arrival. The staff did not seem prepared for the large group attending the event at the hotel. The hotel did not have large enough rooms to hold meetings and meals for our group. It was located too far away from the tourist/historical section of Savannah, so I didn't get to see much as a tourist. The rooms were very comfortable and had enough room to relax. Super soft beds and bedding. The staff couldn't keep up with the laundering of towels though. Our group may have taken up all rooms available at the hotel and had overflow in several other hotels. The staff did their best to keep up with the needs of our group, but it was overwhelming for them. One elevator was broken after the first day, unusable the second day and I was stuck for about 10 minutes between floors. Ultimately I used the stairs to be safe and my room was on the 4th or 5 floor. I would not recommend staying at a brand new hotel with a large convention. It would be better to wait until the kinks were worked out.
The staff went above and beyond making us feel welcome and greeting us every time they saw us.
Comfortable; met our needs
Took 3 calls to get room cleaned on one day (not done until 5 p.m.); after tipping staff to get vehicle, I was told I would have to get the car myself because they couldn't drive a standard transmission (but kept tip)
It's location was centralized to all the attractions I wanted to see.The staff was extremly pleasant and very helpful
It was fine.
The concierge was phenominal.Her recommendations were point on especially a more local/non-tourist dinner spot. The front desk staff went above and beyond our expectations when they ran out of regular coffee packets for the room and in lieu of being able to provide this, they comped us complete breakfast.It was better service than we ever anticipated.