Hampton Inn & Suites Boston Crosstown Center
Hampton Inn & Suites Boston Crosstown Center
811 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts
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It was not a good location because it was next to a hospital, so there was a lot of noise from ambulances. it wasn't as close as I wanted to be to the parts of Boston we wanted to see, but it worked. Very nice room and very comfortable.
it was comfortable and warm.We felt very safe and relaxed
convenient location comfortable setting
I thought it was a very nice hotel and I found the staff extremely friendly and helpful
If staying at the Hampton Inns and Suites in Boston, MA and using trip planner to plan your travel to/from hotel in the city, note that their Boston location is actually in Roxbury. Inputting Boston will direct you to Cambridge. The service was awful and the front desk employees are extremely unprofessional. Note that Roxbury is an unsafe area.
I can't say enough about Hampton Inns & Suites. I highly recommend them. You get alot for the price.
This was quite awhile ago, but my stay was enjoyable, there was van service to some of the destinations