Quality Suites
Quality Suites
3112 S. 79th E. Avenue, Near 31st & Memorial, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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it was fine
The room was dirty , we didn't get clean sheets & one bed was not even touch the bathroom was not clean the wash cloths was never taken out of the shower, The knob on the tv was broken, we didn't get clean towels the second day, the pool area was dirty, there were no towel, no toliet paper , I went & told the lady at the check in & she said they didn't get there supply in, The pool was not heated like it said it was. The hot tub was dirty.. They was out of food by 9 am. I wish I could get my money back... It was BAD..
They were having a major problem with their key system. We had to have a new key 2 or more times a day.
my room was not vacuumed. however, it hasn't bothered me completely yet as i haven't bring it up with the staff yet. we will see tomorrow. otherwise, i had no problem or any employee with whom i've dealt.