Sheraton Suites Plantation, Ft Lauderdale West
Sheraton Suites Plantation, Ft Lauderdale West
311 N University Drive, Plantation, Florida
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Nice hotel, friendly staff. My only complaint is the printer in the business center never seems to be working. Other than that, I usually enjoy my stay there.
Bed & bedding were excellent Staff icoureous prompt and generally excellent
excellent. a suite in heaven and a bed as soft and clean as the clouds! One thing, there was only 1 internet computer for all those that chose not to connect in the room. the price is too costly per day. Since comouters are a way of communication and being such as buisness stay hotel, placing computer screen and a centerized computer frame to allow access to all rooms would be a good idea and convenince to the guests. i know it would of helped me to do my work at the room. =-) Pool was great and so was the gym! Food can be less greesy. great service!!. =-)
This hotel is 'Ok' for the value. It tended to be a bit noisy with families on the floor, and they messed up my check out date. This was corrected, but they then billed me for things that were supposed to be taken care of by the business that I was working with.
We did a presentation there last year as well. The only problem was with Internet acess in the room ... resulting in two moves. We were compensated with a 'free dinner.'
Very nice hotel: pool nicely kept on rooftop. Nice workout room. More for the business professional than just a vacationer. All in all a very nice and friendly place to stay.