Best Western Coral Bridge Inn & Suites
Best Western Coral Bridge Inn & Suites
9200 College Pkwy, Fort Myers, Florida
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The hotel bumped us up to a effiecy room with a small kitchen, I do not remember ordering that when we made reservations. Since my wife was sick a couple of days having the kitchen was nice because I could make her soup and we had a fridge to store food. There was also a seperate bedroom that let my wife sleep undisturbed. The staff was very pleasent and helpful.
I liked the breakfast bar that went along with our stay. I really enjoyed that and the free newspaper also.
Good value
Pool and spa area look old and warn out and dirty. Staff appear to have deal with one taxi company and only call them, even if guest must wait a long time for cab to arrive.No shuttle to ball field or anywhere
it was so nice we are going back to stay in July of 2009. loved the breakfast bar and all was clean