StudioPLUS Deluxe Studios St. Louis - Westport
StudioPLUS Deluxe Studios St. Louis - Westport
2030 Craig Road, St. Louis, Missouri
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I've stayed at this hotel a lot and we normally have been very happy, but lately the quality of service and room have been going down. I had an issue with my billing, and went down to address it at the front desk. The woman was very rude and kept getting attitude with me and saying I was yelling at her (which I was not, I was speaking in a firm tone, but not yelling). Eventually, I spoke to her supervisor and while I was explaining to her what was going on, the other clerk was rolling her eyes at me and muttering things under her breath. The situation was resolved eventually by the supervisor, but I was very shocked at how I was treated and do not plan on returning to the hotel.