Marriott's Grande Vista
Marriott's Grande Vista
5925 Avenida Vista, Orlando, Florida
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nice and clean
The pools were amazing. The rooms were fairly nice. There is free laundry.
It was very comfortable. I particularly liked the golf facilities.
We were given a handicapped room after booking a non-smoking room the same time as another couple we were traveling with. When reservations were made it was said we would be in the same building - but turned out to be false. And room was unexceptable. We have friends who are going down in April '08 to see about ownership and were offered a 2 bedroom suite - but not at the location (Grand Vista) they would like to stay at... confusing to me that you would treat a potential buyer as an unwanted relative and not try to accomodate them at the place that was offered.
The resort is a quiet, pleasant place, has lots of activities, the rooms are clean and bright. The real attraction for us is the close proximity to the golf course across the street (International Ave), at which resort guests get a discount.
I loved it. It was the nicest resort that I have stayed. The staff was great, and the rooms were awesome. I plan to visit again.
it was a greta place..but a bit too large