Extended StayAmerica Kansas City/Overland Park
Extended StayAmerica Kansas City/Overland Park
10750 Quivira Road, Overland Park, Kansas
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Very nice and accomidating Staff really nice
The staff was friendly. Thge room was comfortable, but the bathroom needed to be updated as the painting was discolored and lighting was flickering. There was a problem with the phones that cut me off in the middle of a business call and the hotel staff was unapologetic and had no idea when it would be fixed and made no offer to help, fix the issue or make up for it.
The room itself was very comfortable and the kitchen makes it feel more like home. However, the bathroom had bad lighting and peeling paint. The staff was friendly except when I encountere a problem with the phones. I was on an important call when the phone lines went dead. I couldn't call the front desk, so I had to go to the office. There was a worker there, but the staff was very abrupt about the situation, never apologized for the inconvenience and offered no solutions. The phone lines were back up approximately 45 minutes later and I had no further problems.