La Quinta Primacy Parkway
La Quinta Primacy Parkway
1236 Primacy Parkway, Memphis, Tennessee
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The desk person forgot to tell us the lock on the side door next to our room was broken. It was raining very hard and we got very wet and there was no effort to assist or apologize for the oversight. She only admitted that she knew the lock was broken and forgot to tell us.
At check-in they told us how to park and enter the building. It was raining very hard. The door they asked us to use was locked and the key card did not work. After getting very wet they said they forgot that the lock did not work. The TV did not work and they made no effort to fix it.
GREAT decor, great value for the price. Very comfortable - easy access.
I like the room layouts, and the hotel amenities. I did not like the fact that the room had not been cleaned very well before my stay, and I did not like the fact that one of the staff had been ill in one of the rooms, and the whole staff was talking about it in front of me.