Comfort Suites Laurel Lakes
Comfort Suites Laurel Lakes
14402 Laurel Place, Laurel, Maryland
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All staff very curtious and helpful. Clean rooms and nice breakfest selection. Fire alarm pulled at 2:30 AM, all guests were evacuated for more than 30 minutes.... COLD night.
I would not like to comment at this time.
Extremely rude, unresponsive front dest. We specifically chose this room on Travelocity because it had a heated indoor pool. We planned to check in early after shopping, then swim for a bit, then go out to eat, we had reservations. We went down to the pool and a sign said it was only open from 5-9 pm. We asked at the front desk, when the clerk could finally, FINALLY, (after 20 minutes by my watch) tear himself from talking with a friend, why we couldn't use the pool, and were told that they were waiting for a lifeguard. We waited until 5:30, and finally had to go back upstairs to get dressed for our dinner out. As we left, we noticed it was still locked. Some others were waiting and confirmed that it had often been closed and locked on other days, even during the 5 to 9 pm time when it should have been open. Finally, the location is horrid. 20 minutes of stop and go red light traffic to get to the hotel, it is miles and miles from the nearest expressway/interstate highway. You have to take one secondary road forever, then turn down another city street, and finally turn down a third street to get to the hotel. Ugh. It is in a bad urbanish, area, too, with no good places to eat/shop/visitor friendly places.
Nice and friendly staff, good location to other things.
It's a decent hotel for the price. Great location - middle of the way between Baltimore and DC.
It was OK, but the bed could have been more comfortable.
I've stayed in this town many times, and this is the most comfortable, cleanest place. The location is convenient to both DC and Baltimore. A good value for the area.