Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Beautiful facility. Highly recommended if off strip location is not an issue. Rooms are spacious and extremely comfortable.
It was very very busy when I went so I'm giving the benefit of the doubt, but the hotel room was missing things (TV remote, minibar pieces) and there was litter on the floor when I arrived. My advice is to make sure that whoever walks you in checks everything.
I was very pleased with the hotel rooms and staff. The pool was the most fun with the slides, cabanas, and bar at the pool.
The rooms were very nice. However, the television's remote was slow. The location was good because it was not that busy and it was very comfortable.
The room we stayed in was very nice. I liked the theme of the hotel and the memorabilia in the hallways.
the service was great the only trouble was that I booked at alladdin and the week before I got there they changed to hard rock . so I had hard rock music blsring in my ear during my stay . Ido not like rock
i wish i would have stayed at a hotel located directly on the strip in Las Vegas. The casino was signifigantly smaller than other hotel/casinos in the area