Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
75 Fourteenth St, Atlanta, Georgia
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I like the comfort and style, but I think there are too many 'incidental extras...i.e. parking'. I would rather pay a little extra for the room and have parking, fitness, etc inclusive. I don't feel you should be 'nickel dimed' to death in such a luxurious hotel.
it was a beautiful place with a great staff.
Just fine.
Good location, friendly staff, We attended a wedding there that was well done. Staff accomodated us when we asked for a no smoking room.
Simply the best at customer service without feeling stuffy or snobby. Always know that the service food, gym, accomadations and spa services will consistantly be the best anywhere.
The room was very clean, with comfortable beds and a big CRT TV. The lady at the front desk was respectful, but took some time getting us checked in (Had trouble finding our reservations). I would visit the hotel again because f the facilities and the food offered. (Dont eat the eggs though!)
no cpomment