Millennium Hotel Broadway
Millennium Hotel Broadway
145 W 44th Street, New York City, New York
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great location, tv buzzed and room was not as nice as i would have expected for a room that normally would have cost about $500
The hotel was in a great location and was at a good price. You are literally just off of Times Square and is centrally located to all of the Broadway shows. There are also many great restaurants within a block of the hotel.
location: near enough to Times Square to be convenient, but not so in the middle of things that it was noisy hotel restaurant didn't open until 7:00am, and 7:30am on weekends. Luckily, there is a Starbucks adjacent that opens much earlier. The hotel has an 'obvious' entrance on 44th Street, but another door on 45th Street which I often found more convenient, depending on destination. The ice bucket was hidden away in the closet, but the hair dryer was cluttering up the counter. I would have reversed the two. I didn't eat at the hotel restaurant or take advantage of room service mainly due to the cost; there were so many other better (and more affordable) choices nearby. The hotel only offered USA Today as a newspaper, I would have much rather had the New York Times.
Hotel is reasonable value near Times Square
Great location and friendly service. Problems are solved by the first person one speaks to.
noisy, confusing lobbies and non-functioning appliances including TV
Great location and while expensive, it was in line with comparable NYC properties