Days Inn Miami Beach/Oceanside
Days Inn Miami Beach/Oceanside
4299 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida
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Nice location. Horrible parking -- it's metered and you have to run down and feed the meter or buy a pass from the hotel and then put it on your car by 8 am EVERY DAY.
Have stayed in MUCH nicer hotels for less than half the price. Parking was unheard of. The staff was very friendly.
Hotel was a bit worn, but it was a good value based on location
The room was ok, nothing special. Bathroom was small with bad paint and mildew. Pool facilities ok. The elevator was horrible. Slow, buttons not working, obscenities scratched into the inside of the door, etc. The 5th floor call buttons didn't work and people had to walk up or downstairs to catch it. The staff was unimpressed by complaints about this. The resturant was also terrible. It looked like a frat house basement, with dirty floors, dirty dark carpet on the walls, and wires hanging out all over the place. And the food was mediocre at best. Only ate there once - it is to be avoided. The beach access was great however and it's not too far from many activities. It's an acceptable place to stay if you just plan on using your hotel for sleeping.