Best Western Hospitality Inn
Best Western Hospitality Inn
3640 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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It was an average motel - hallways smelled very smokey. Tried to get the desk for a wake up call and then wouldn't answer the phone.
It was your basic room and continental breakfast hotel.
The hotel was located close to where we needed to be, hotel was clean, staff friendly and had a good selection for breakfast.
It was a very clean suite and the service was great. They had a terrific breakfast bar and the staff was very helpful on numerous occasions.
I chose this hotel because of close proximity to the airport and that they offered shuttle (taxi) service and I could leave my car there during the week I was gone. My room rental was one night stay a week apart.
The hotel was located near to where I was going. The hotel was clean and quiet. Nice place for an over-night stay.