InterContinental Chicago
InterContinental Chicago
505 North Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois
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high quality all around
very nice hotel. however the restaurants and bar were VERY expensive, as were the prices in the gift/convenience shop.
love this hotel -- old-style luxury, conveniently located on Michigan Avenue
Had a great time. Great location, great staff, great food.
Confirmation of prepaid stay was not accurate in system and front desk person did not accept responsibility of looking further into it. After I finally spoke to supervisor the problem was promptly resolved.
Map software had it in wrong location, so we drove from one side of the city to the other.
Less than friendly staff at front desk. i expect warm, pleasant, friendly and appreciative service especially at high end hotels. Unwillingness of Hotel to allow local resturant delivery to come to my room even after I gave them permission. Dislike the fact that this hotel charges for everything: forgot your toothbrush? $2. Need a razor blade? $2.50. etc. Some of thses things should be complimentary. I can find MUCH better value at other nearby hotels for the same money.