Omni Hotel at Independence Park
Omni Hotel at Independence Park
401 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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It was difficult to book online and I had to call the hotel.
The hotel staff was fabulous. Our room was comfortable with a great view, and the staff directed us to a great restaurant within walking distance.
Great hotel, nice location in the middle of historic district, lovely staff.
I love the location. Great spot in Old City. The room seemed a little dilapidated, unlike the rooms we had previously had at this hotel.
Great service and location. Knowledgeable staff.
good value for the money
Upon check-in, we were loving the Omni. The front desk was quick and nice, and they upgraded our room to a really nice corner room overlooking the Park, and left dessert in our room for my husband's bday. We are Omni loyalty members, so we had drinks every morning at our door, with the paper, for free. The room was very nice, free internet, etc. But. The happiness ended pretty quickly when the hotel had a problem to fix for us. I guess they are a great hotel if you have no problems come up. I scheduled massage appointments at the spa, Lux Spa and Salon. This was in the hotel. I then cancelled the appointment, because I decided to try a different place that was recommended to me. I cancelled the appointment FAR ini advance of the 24 hours notice required. On Sunday morning, I get this call from the spa asking where I was at. I told them I had cancelled my appointment. They proceed to argue with me about this, telling me I had not, etc. Kurt was right there and heard me do so. After about 10 minutes of being rude to me, they offered me appointments for later that day, but if I did not take them, I would be charged. So, i went downstairs to complain to hotel management. Well, the girl working the front desk, the 'front desk manager', was rude and unprofessional. She was not the General Manager of the place, as he does not work weekends or something. Anyway, she was NO help, basically told me that there was nothing she could do, as the spa is separate from them and SOMEbody has to pay, and it was not going to be them. She told me to just dispute the charge with my credit card company. We were livid. I would have checked out, except we paid in advance with Expedia. Anyway, once we left, I called my credit card company and cancelled my card and they automatically too the charge off my account sinc it was still pending from the hotel. I could not believe how horrible I was treated by the front desk and the spa. **since we got back, i filed a complaint on the Omni site. That SAME day, I got an email from the hotel, the front desk manager girl. Of course, in her 'I'm sorry' email, she was still being snotty and rude and telling me I was wrong. My guess is she got yelled at by corporate, because there is no way this girl would have voluntarily been nice to us. She offered me a free stay, and offered to take the spa charge off my card. I was like, it would have been nice if you did that WHEN I ASKED instead of after I complained to corporate. It would have made everything better. Now, I never want to stay at their hotel again. Lame, but I am glad it was taken care of.