The Ritz-Carlton Chicago (A Four Seasons Hotel)
The Ritz-Carlton Chicago (A Four Seasons Hotel)
160 E Pearson St at Water Tower Place, Chicago, Illinois
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Would like a free towel next time
The Four Seasons Hotel is an excellent hotel with friendly staff and comfortable rooms. I would recommend this hotel to anyone traveling for business or pleasure.
It was a very nice upscale hotel. The staff was extremely attentive.
Room was less than expected. Bed sloped towards middle, not good quality. Shoes were not shined, paper wasn't delivered.
I loved the hotel. It was in a great location, very guiet room and excellent service. I would highly recommend it to all.
this was a wonderful experience. I will most definitely visit there again.
too much money for a so-so room. service in the hotel was superb, value not so much. marriott offers bigger, better rooms for far less.