Nikko Hotel San Francisco
Nikko Hotel San Francisco
222 Mason Street, San Francisco, California
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Staff was very courteous rooms were small
My husband and I were impressed with the level of service we received at Hotel Nikko. The first guest room we were given had a smoky smell to it and we requested a change. Within 20 minutes we were in a bigger, nicer room than we orginally reserved.
The hotel should provide wi-fi for free and not charge a daily fee.
The hotel was very clean. The staff was courteous. The room was well outfitted with all amenities I could need. The service was excellent.
I loved my stay. The employees were very helpful. The location was perfect for my stay.
While in general, it was a good value for the price (given location, general hotel quality, etc.), was shocked to find the furnishings in the room -- particularly the dresser -- was an old, severely battered piece of furniture. Looked like it came out of a bad road-side motel.
There isn't enough room in this text box. It was grossly overpriced; the staff was robotic and cold; and the front lobby looked more like a mausoleum than a hotel.