Ramada Limited San Diego Airport
Ramada Limited San Diego Airport
1403 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, California
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adequate but disappointing
The front desk person allowed me to view a room that I wanted to stay in when we returned. The room was still occupied but empty. She didn't check to see if it was clear. I am honest but I wondered what would happen if someone who weren't honest came to that room. They were painting the breakfast room. They kept the doors closed. The fumes gave me a headache. I told the people at the front desk that both doors should be kept open while painting. This didn't happen. I had to open the doors every day. The driver who picked us up at the airport was less than friendly. He was glum and hurried away as quickly as he could. The bar was noisy on several occasions. One morning someone had thrown an empty can onto our second floor balcony. The first night we were in the second floor room, someone had a key and tried to open the door. Luckily we had the secondary lock in place. I guess someone didn't check to see if that room was occupied when renting it. The location is a good one. I hope that the owner gets the place in shape both physically and personnel wise. The bar seems to be a detriment to me. It wasn't a place that I would go to have a drink. I would be very uncomfortable there.
The light by the bed didn't work. Someone came immediately and fixed it. Someone tried to get into our room after we had gone to bed. We had the secondary lock engaged. The bar is noisy and disruptive. I did not feel comfortable going in for a drink. A restaurant would be a better fix.
a very nice palce to stay
great place to stay and let and let us check in hours ahead of time
you need to hire americans to answer questions
nice clean room great location