Best Western Inn Mount Pleasant
Best Western Inn Mount Pleasant
5770 East Pickard Street, Mount Pleasant, Michigan
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nice, clean hotel. friendly staff. large rooms.
the only thing I would have liked would have been more to the pool area
We were very well taken care of. Any questions were well answered. We were very pleased.
Food was less than expected
I greatly appreciated the fact that I had left some clothing articles in the hotel (inadvertently) and called the hotel. They found them after a day or so in the laundry room and they were promptly shipped back to me C.O.D. via UPS and arrived earlier than I had expected. What I don't like at the hotel (and at every hotel) is that I am light sensitive and when the draperies do not fit over the complete window frame (both at the bottom and around all the sides), or when they become no longer straight due to people bending them back or whatever, the light comes into the room and keeps me awake. It isn't a very 'restful' night at any hotel. This includes all the light that comes under the door from the hallway lights. Why don't you provide sleep masks made out of black material available for people like me who have this problem. I carry some black out masks around with me to use for sleep when at hotels, but, I am sure that some people don't.
nice business hotel. no complaints
The facility was extremely clean and quiet. The morning breakfast was very plentiful for a continental breakfast. I highly recommend this hotel...besides the beds are superior.