Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel
Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel
10100 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland
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Has inside pool only, needs outside pool.
Overall the staff were friendly and accomodating. When we checked in our refrigerator in our room wasn't working. We had specifically stopped and purchased food that needed to be refrigerated because the hotel had a fridge in the room. When my Mother called the front desk they were reluctant to send someone up. When she called back an hour later to see if someone was coming to look at the fridge, the person at the front desk said the maintenance man's shift was almost over so we would have to wait until tomorrow! My Mother had to be very persistant to have him come before his shift ended. He finally came and replaced our refrigerator, but some of our food had gone bad.
We like this hotel a lot, it has a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. The rooms are nice and clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. We usually do a romantic getaway package and we feel it is a good deal.
I have stayed at this hotel over the past 20 years and I love it. I has the best location on the beach, secluded from the boardwalk. I would live there all summer if I could.
Central location = all events held at hotel
My husband and I stayed for only one night as we did last year and it was a very pleasant stay. They have a bar and restaurant on the premises and the food was very good.
dislike: parking is limited Likes: food and beverages,meeting facilities