Red Lion Hotel Yakima Center
Red Lion Hotel Yakima Center
607 East Yakima Avenue, Yakima, Washington
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It was a great hotel experience. I like how if you put 'do not disturb' they will not bother you. I think it is wasteful to make people clean a room, replace towels and other amenities. So I am glad they respect my wishes.
I've stayed at Red Lion Hotels about a dozen times, and I think they're too expensive for what I get. The room temperature is rarely comfortable, and the heaters are too noisy. This room smelled badly of mildew or a sour mop when I first checked in - so bad I contemplated asking for another room. The smell dissipated after I ran the bathroom fan for several hours. There was a small pile of some sort of dirt on top of the heater in the bathroom that was there throughout my stay - clearly the housekeeping staff never noticed it. The restaurant had good food, but the service was really slow.
Comfortable room & good value.