Alexis Park Resort
Alexis Park Resort
375 East Harmon, Las Vegas, Nevada
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It was nice, my room was too far from the ballrooms, and the air conditioner was dripping due to the unusually high humidity.
Stay was fine. Was chosen as a company convention was at same hotel. Location is not good but again it was for the convention. No casino which is a plus.
The room was a great deal.
Room had a fire place, nice surprise. New flat scren TVS too
I was at the hotel for a conference. It is not conveniently located as it is off the strip by a bit, but it's close enough that a short cab ride gets you to where the action is. The hotel had a slightly musty older feel to it, but the room size was very nice and it was comfortable. Staff was friendly. The big drawback came during the conference portion of the stay. The A/V equipment was problematic throughout the day and was a major complain of most meeting attendees. The food was also sub par. There were some little charges that I found excessive, such as a holding fee for FedEx boxes shipped ahead of time.
It is located away from everything except the Hard Rock Cafe. It does not have gambling. Parking lot is difficult to maneuver. Nice facillies.
The hotel was clean and it had nice grounds, gym and conference center. It did not have a restaurant or casino.