Affinia Dumont
Affinia Dumont
150 East 34th Street, New York City, New York
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Absolutely love Affinia. Great concierge service and personal attention. Everyone is so nice. Delicious iced tea and fresh fruit at front desk. Have used Affinia 3 times... twice at Dumont, once for husband and son on their Chicago trip. Always wows me, and I'm going back in two weeks. Will not stay anywhere else in NY.
The room was excellent, hotel is in a great location.
The hotel was conveniently located. It had friendly staff, both inside and outside bell staff. It was great that it accomodated dogs.
This was the perfect hotel for traveling with children. Comfortable and with superior service, it also had full kitchen facilities.
Quiet, reasonable location, very large and comfortable suite with Full Kitchen and large bath. Not a large hotel, so it seemed more intimate that standard hotels. Staff learned our name and helped with cabs, subway, and airport transport. Wonderful!
Affinia hotel provided professional, friendly, and quality servics. The beds were extremely comfortable with the featherbeds. Their beds influenced me to purchase a featherbed. The only issues were expensive price and availability. The only complaint is that it is noisy at night due to police sirens and firetrucks.
3rd time at Affinia Dumont. Always my first choice in NY. This time not as good because of plumbing leak, and problems with room heating and TV remote. Once I mentioned, they fixed, but it was not as good as before. Staff did recommend a great nearby Mexican restaurant.