Crowne Plaza Hotel Albany - City Center
Crowne Plaza Hotel Albany - City Center
State & Lodge Streets, Albany, New York
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This was a beautiful hotel, and I will certainly return there again.
Need to express when a restaurant will not be serving and if or when breakfast would be available. Chose this particular hotel for location and availability of meals, and was disappointed that the main restaurant was not serving, and no breakfast or coffee in the morning. Would have ordered room service if that was told and known ahead of the time of breakfast.
Sorry, no comments.
I had a problem with thw room and floor ice machine. I rereported it on Saturday. It was not fixed til monday when I reported it to the manager. We were woken at 4:30 AM by a noisy party through a thin wall and door in the adjoining room. The staff did not respond right away or accurately. The manager the next day told me I was wrong about which guest was in the next room. I had to leave for a half hour. When I returned he admitted he was mistaken and I was right but then offered me what I considered an inadequate adjustment on my bill. There was also a mistake on my bill of %5 that I caught.
I liked the effiecent service. I enjoyed the view. There is a great Chinese Food restaurant across the street.
Location is key to State office for meetings. Not a significant number of eating establishments in vacinity. Was not impressed with food provided at our meeting. The food in the normal dining are was far superior.
While visiting family it was a nice home-away -from-home to come back to