Days Inn Dubuque
Days Inn Dubuque
1111 Dodge Street, Dubuque, Iowa
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i lost my drivers license when we were on vacation and my bofriend and i were looking for it. someone complained because we were outside talking and trying to find it and to them we were making a lot of noise because we were moving things out of the car.
it was ok......
Loved the fact it had both a microwave and a samll fridge, and two chairs for us to play card games on! It was clean, and spacious for two people. Even though you are right on the Highway, you can't hear the traffic. The only thing we didn't like was the entrance and exit to and from the hotel. It was on a light, but some people didn't stop and was almost in an accident.
great place to stay
There is little to no soundproofing between rooms. I had a very noisy neighbor.
I already gave comments 5mo ago.
The room was alright-nothing fancy. The bathroom was a little small and cramped without much room to move around in. The beds were alright also-slept ok. The rooms aren't overly spacious soif you were going to spend any amount of time here it would be a little cramped for space. The room was clean though and alright for a one night stay.