Quality Hotel Houma
Quality Hotel Houma
210 S Hollywood Rd, Houma, Louisiana
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A little tired but still a good place to stay
breakfast was truly horrible 2 out of 3 mornings. Food was cold and had been sitting too long, yogurt was out of date, best food ran out all the time, eggs dry. We had a problemm with an order for a roll-away bed, which wasn't there when we needed it and we got excuses when we called to inquire. Finally they did find a way to get it, but for a bit, I thought I was going to have to sleep on the floor. Bar was great, people friendly, but a bit unmotivated.
breakfast buffet was horrible - yogurt expired, most of the food gone or dried out. And they forgot to put a daybed in our room when requested and took their time solving problem.
Considering the location the Hotel was failry nice. The staff was courteous. My main concern was cleanliness. The hotel could use a 'facelift'. It has obviously been there for quite some time. I would stay there again.
Room was good and they had suffered some damage from the hurricane, so they were very gracious to us.