The Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale
The Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale
155 Temple St., New Haven, Connecticut
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Great hotel, excellent location for downtown business. Outstanding rooms, great service. Watch the area at night, this is in reference to New Haven in general, not the hotel.
Excellent rooms. Quiet floors. Located conveniently near Yale.
the hotel was fine the front desk guy was very helpful fixing a problem with my reservation
The hotel was beautiful and conveniently located. We were disappointed that they did not have a pool and the fitness facilities were quite small. We would stay there again and would recommend the hotel to others.
The Omni New Haven at Yale was the hotel for our conference.
There really was no problem with Omni itself. It was New Year's weekend, and they had rented out way too many rooms to very young kids who spent the entire night -- the entire night -- screaming, drinking, crashing up and down the halls. My wife and I went there to get out of the house for New Years and have some romantic time, and it really didn't work out that way. At checkout, I let them know politely that it was just awful, and they ended up comping the room service tab (I was up all night, kept getting snacks because I couldn't sleep a wink). So, the hotel was nice, they just had too many kids there. I'm not old and crotchity, they really didn't know how to hold their liquor.
nice hotel