Shilo Inn Tigard / Washington Square
Shilo Inn Tigard / Washington Square
10830 SW Greenburg Road, Tigard, Oregon
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It was a better place to stay than I had expected (had somewhat low expectations). I didn't like that they still used regular keys (and giant- sized ones, at that). I especially did not like that they billed themselves as having high-speed broadband access, yet their service was down more often than not (from conversations I had overheard, it sounded more like an issue with the personnel and how they treated the onsite equipment). Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the room and its furnishings. A good location, if one knows their way around the area. I will stay at this location again in a couple of weeks.
pros: good location and friendly staff; decent to good continental breakfast (and free); I felt fairly safe. cons: condition of furnishings in the rooms - ABYSMAL; the box springs was literally beyond frayed and ripped on the edges, the mattress felt like it had given up the ghost years ago and was wafer-thin, the overall condition of the room was lightly dirty (cobwebs in edges and corners, dust on some surfaces), the air conditioner was very weak and mostly ineffective.