Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa
Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa
1011 West Holmes Avenue, Mesa, Arizona
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Location near destination Location near expressway Location near dining and shopping
I will try to find another hotel in the Phoenix area next time I travel. It seems like every time I've traveled within the last couple of years and stayed at Hilton Mesa, something has been under construction or not functioning properly.
very comfortable hotel, easy access, great rooms
Overall I had a good time at the hotel and the staff were friendly. The rates were high for AZ during the summer. They took advantage of the fact this was a regular convention and overall the costs to the convention helped insure there would not be another convention there of this nature, though the bad economic times didn't help one bit. I still have a high regard for the hotel just wish they'd be more reasonable.
The hotel was chosen by our reunion comittee and they had previous functions at that particular hotel and knew the quality of the staff and accommodations.
I ALWAYS stay at Hilton Family of Hotels. They are by far the best value for the quality hotel. I have used other hotels and they all fall far short of the caliber of the Hilton Family. I use them for business and family travel.
The hotel and staff were wonderful. The price was very reasonable and my room was clean and comfortable. It was quiet. I really enjoyed the jacuzzi at the end of the day.