Radisson Hotel Sacramento
Radisson Hotel Sacramento
500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, California
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I am disabled and room was very far from everything- I don't want to have to pay a tip every time I leave my room to get a ride to conference room and back and to lobby. Bathrooms are too far away from the conference rooms
I have stayed at this particular hotel numerous times over a 20 year period. I've always had excellent service and would recommend it to anyone The only problem is in the location as regards the freeways around the area. First time in it's a bit confusing, after that, no problem.
We were there for our daughter's wedding and were SUPPOSED to have a Suite overlooking the lake/wedding area (one of 2, the other supposedly for the bride & groom). This was apparently a LIE, as when we got there they told us there was NO SUCH ROOM at the hotel. They were exceedingly unfriendly/unhelpful, considering that over 60 people stayed there for 2 days, and the wedding itself cost over $15,000!!!!!!
Incredible environment. Beautiful fountain and surprising koi pond with lots of fish. Wonderful restaurant with view of artifical lake. Also, the service is great. Not only was I easily moved to another room when my TV wasn't working, I lost a belt there, they found it quickly and promptly mailed it to me.