Marriott Airport Ontario
Marriott Airport Ontario
2200 E Holt Boulevard, Ontario, California
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It i a nice comfortable hotel within walking distance to the Ontario Convention Center.
Very comfortable, a little difficult in negotiating around the building, but eventually managable. No large common areas.
We were not informed at reservation time of an $11.00 a day parking fee. We paid it but found it absurd that because of people parking from the convention center that the hotel guests had to pay for parking at the hotel. I know of no other hotel that does this. Unless it is valet parking. we still had to park our car ourselves.
this hotel is way too old to be bearing the Marriott name
Marriott always has consistant quality. I always stay in Marriott properties when they are available. Great consistant quality, with staff who care about their customers.
Marriott is a friendly, efficient hotel system with good quality of service and assistance in achieving our Convention aims. I believe our poetry organization has selected the Marriott Hotels as our convention headquarters, for both northern and southern California conventions.
Nice amenities, friendly staff, very clean