Quality Inn - Lord Paget
Quality Inn - Lord Paget
901 Capitol Landing Rd, Williamsburg, Virginia
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Service was fine.
Hotel was very cozy. The furniture was old and outdated, but was adequate.
Pros: The campus was uniquely designed and conveniently located. Ample storage (closet & drawers) within the room. Everything was quiet. Breakfast was well timed and sufficiently stocked. Clubhouse open 24hrs w/ free coffee/tea. Cons: Musty smell in room. Rug seemed to be very dirty such that we kept our shoes on the entire time - it was also an awful color (leftover from the 60's/70's?). Outlets were ungrounded - the main office supplied a converter for the computer/chargers. There were not enough outlets (or power strip) to run the microwave & refrigerator at the same time without unplugging the light. The bathroom ceiling had much water damage - we even saw a significant amount of water pouring out of one of the cracks on the first day. They offer free WiFi, but the buildings are brick and our room had no reception - we had to go to the clubhouse. The free coffee was sub-par. The breakfast offerings, although ample, were mediocre. If you have a high tolerance for poor room conditions, this place isn't so bad. Although the breakfast buffet wasn't stellar, there was always plenty of options. The site has a lot of steep hills, so be careful in your car - especially if you have low clearance. It is, however, ridiculously close to Colonial Williamsburg.
This hotel had a high occupancy while we were there. The grounds were nice though could use some updateing and general refreshing of landscaping. The pond was fun for the kids though it really could use a cleaning to remove the algae that was beginning to grow. Parking spots were small and seemed to be designed for compact cars we have an SUV. Housekeeping was minimal. The bath/shower drain was clogged and when we returned in the evening the water in the tub was still there even though housekeeping had been in to make the beds. We bought draino and took care of the issue ourselves. One day the trash and towels from our room were left outside our door never retrieved until the next afternoon. A youth group that was staying at the hotel got out of contol and thre the trash in the ppol along with the pool chairs and some one also left a bowel movement in the pool. There was a microwave available but the cord was too short to reach the outlet so we had to move it to an outlet and place it on the floor every time we wanted to use it. On the plus side, desk staff was pleasant, the pool was cleaned promptly. Breakfast attendants were pleasant and kept food stocked. The ducks were great fun to watch as well as the turtle fish and ducks. We don't require a lot of pesonal attention when we travel so though housekeeping was minimal we took care of things ourselves (which for a traveller shouldn't have to be done but we did anyway.) Aside from the youth group the grounds were quiet. A refrigerator and microwave were available in the room which made eating in room possible and we took advantage of this. The Pond and the ducks, turtles and fish made this a nice place for the kids to enjoy.
My family was very happy with this visit. The room was nice and the beds were the most comfortable we've slept in. The coffee room and continental breakfast were excellent.