La Quinta Jacksonville Orange Park
La Quinta Jacksonville Orange Park
8555 Blanding Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida
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The stay was wonderful. The best part was getting to my room and someone from the front desk calling to make sure the room was ok. The breakfast was great.
I was very well pleased and would recommend it to any one. Only problem was getting into the drive as traffic was very heavy on Blanding Blvd.
I took a friend there that needed to get away from it all and it was fabulous. Thank you!
I liked everything, it was an enjoyable stay. Jacksonville, FL - Blanding Blvd
Friendly service. Quite! Very impressed! Will go back again!
need softer pillows and pens and paper in the rooms, other than that everything was great. they should look into upgrading the waffle makers too.
i liked pretty much everything about this hotel except for the fact that i couldnt make any calls on te phone unless i paid extra which was ridiculous and the fact that somebody set the fire alarms off whili was there which sent eveybody out of the hotel for about an hour.