Marriott Hollywood Beach
Marriott Hollywood Beach
2501 North Ocean Drive, (formerly Hollywood Beach Inn), Hollywood, Florida
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Hotel met expectations. Arrival and room assignment was chaotic. Room not ready. Rooms were nice, Bedding luxurous, personal items in bathroom were a treat.
The food was not very good and was very high priced.
I was surprised by the small size of the hotel and the out of the way location! There was only one bar which was exposed to wind and cold weather.
I loved that the beach was right there at the hotel. I loved the woodwork of my hotel room. The only problem was the street location does not seem to fit the hotel price.
My stay at this hotel was just fine.
The service at check in was indifferent. I had a package that included 2 breakfasts and they had the vouchers made up but did not voluteer them until I asked for them. It was obvious that if I did not ask I would have not gotten them. I found out after I was in my room that I could have self parked for free as it was also part of my package but I was charged to park it. The service at breakfast was just horrible. The food was OK but not what I expected from any other Marriott