The Westin Tabor Center
The Westin Tabor Center
1672 Lawrence St., Denver, Colorado
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Good location, solid service.
Very nice looking hotel. Downtown location not close to familiar restaurants. Restaurant in hotel was much too expensive for reimbursed business travel. Food at conference was a little too Avant Guard, but quite good, even though I was looking for a little comfort food on the road. Felt that conference price for rooms was much more expensive than price if I had been a tourist. Staff was very friendly. Room was comfortable and clean and large, that was a nice change from other places I have stayed. View from room was of downtown, but bay window made it easy to relax, look at the city and read a book in the off time. Basically a nice place, but I would like to have more tangeble value.
It was very convenient to the convention center. Interesting pedestrian plaza between hotel and convention center.
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Very nice accomodations in a very convenient location.
Nice hotel. Bay windows with seats are a very nice addition. The ability to see some panorama of downtown Denver is great. Room lighting is too subtle and the CFL lamps put out a very poor quality of lighting. In hotel restaurant way too expensive for conservative business travel. Few restaurant alternatives, especially late at night in surrounding area. Pedestrian mall is very unique and well worth taking the time out of your day to walk through. During the day plenty of food and vendors along the mall. Free hybrid bus is fun to ride. As a conference hotel, it was ok, but food offered during the conference was either too rich or too limited in variety.
I liked the hotel's location, and the cleanliness of the facility. I didn't like the price.