Marriott Anaheim
Marriott Anaheim
700 West Convention Way, Anaheim, California
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Great restaurant; excellent service
it was fine
it was great, staff is wonderful
This is an excelent hotel. I would recomend it for anyone.
I was sick with stomach virus hotel totallly took care of me, I am a diabetic who was trying to travel back to texas
The location of this hotel is great for visiting the Disney resort. The restaurant and room service service was sub-standard. We didn't get in-room breakfast cards on three of our four days in the hotel. The restaurant (Cafe Del Sol?) was poorly staffed and they were out of fish on Friday during Lent. Staff was great. Ice machine had a slimy grey substance in it. We reported this and the staff seemed to act quickly.
I requseted a king size bed. When we checked in they said they made a misstake and gave my wife and me two full size beds. I'm 6'4' I don't fit well in a full size bed. Also I just had knee a replacement. Not Good!