Best Western on the Beach
Best Western on the Beach
337 East Beach Blvd., PO Box 481, Gulf Shores, Alabama
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They screwed up our room reservations. The room that we had to accept was not what was promised!
This place was nice but definitely not worth the price they charged of $150.00 per night. Especially when compared to the mini suite at Treasure Island Las Vegas was only 100 more.
When we arrived, our room was not as promised, when we made our reservation. We had just driven 400 miles, were tired and wanted to just check in and relax. Unfotunately, we had to fuss at them for over a hour about our room. Then had to 'settle' for something else, and less! But, no reduction in price! I will never stay there again! And, I will tell everyone that I know about how I was treated. For 4 nights at $250.00 per night...they should have bent down and kissed my ass when I walked in. Unfortunately,they did seem to give a care if we stayed there or not. Even though,they screwed up our was like 'well, take it or leave it...that all that we have!' Trust me,I will never be back in that place again! I left there, feeling and knowing, that, I had been ripped off! I'm not the only one that is complaining about this Hotel. The exact, same, thing happened to 2 people that I work with. So, it seems to be a common practise for this Hotel. I would suggest an immediate change in policy and managers!
They Sucked, big time! Our rooms were all screwed up (smoking and non smoking. Pretty much, forced us to take another room, because..hey.. we had just driven 400 miles to get there and were very tired. We were gauranteed a 3rd floor room with a nice view, but when we got there...we had to accept a 1st floor room, with no discount in price. They said that the 1st floor was the only smoking area that they had. Well, okay, I understand all that! But, what about a discount for the view that I never got to see. They wouldn't even discuss it. Offered us a piss poor free breakfast, instead! That's alright... We struggled thru the Best Western rip off, this time. Trust me, this will be the last time.... we want ever trust Best Western, again,
nothing to comment
close to friends and beach has good breakfasts
Had a great stay!